Living-Learning Community

The community at a glance

CPASS offers the Living-Learning Community, embracing the first-year campus experience. Students have the opportunity to live, take first-year courses and engage in activities related to their major together. The goal of the LLC is to develop a tightly knit community of like-minded individuals with an interest in the various disciplines related to physical activity and sport sciences.

How do I get involved?

Certain floors in Bennett Tower are reserved for students with a major in CPASS who would like to be housed within this LLC. Students with an interest in living in the CPASS LLC should indicate this preference on their housing application. All CPASS students, as part of the LLC, will take first-year coursework reserved for only students with a major within CPASS. In addition, all first-year students will be invited to CPASS-related events throughout the year as part of this LLC.

Benefits of the Living-Learning Community

Build relationships with like minded students

An interest in physical activity, sports, health and wellness connects students across all five undergraduate majors within CPASS. As part of the LLC, students will live and learn near students across majors within the college and, therefore, potentially build relationships that can have lasting personal and professional benefit.

Discuss career planning relevant to physical activity and sport sciences

As part of first-year CPASS coursework, students will examine academic and career goals. Students will have an opportunity to learn about various career opportunities relevant to fields of physical activity and sport sciences.

Interact with faculty and mentors outside the classroom

The LLC experience exposes students to various CPASS faculty through informal chats, uncovering academic and career advice. In addition, students are connected with upper level students and alumni mentors who share interest and knowledge in the CPASS majors and fields.

Targeted first year coursework

First year seminar

All first-year students pursuing a major within the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences will take a section of first-year seminar reserved for CPASS students only. This arrangement allows for a more personalized session, focusing on topics specifically relevant to those within the college.

Convenience of close proximity

While all CPASS first-year students are part of the LLC through the various first-year courses offered, it is recommended that students live in Bennett Tower. Certain floors within this hall are reserved for only CPASS students. The close proximity of this tower, along with the WVU rec center, dining facilities and athletic fields, make this an extremely convenient housing location for first-year CPASS students.

The Living-Learning Community for CPASS

The CPASS LLC is intended for all first-year CPASS students. While living in Bennett Tower is recommended, all first-year students within the college benefit from the first-year coursework and extracurricular activities offered through the program.

Who can I contact for more information?

The CPASS LLC is directed by Lindsay Augustine. Please contact Ms. Augustine with questions related to this program. Check out more information on Living-Learning Communities across campus.