4th Annual

A five vs. five coed soccer tournament on September 29 and 30, 2018.

soccer ball with different nations as tiles

Rules 2018 Diversity Cup

  • Five vs. five coed soccer tournament.
  • No alcohol or tobacco products are permitted on or a round the fields.
  • This is double elimination tournament scheduled over 2 days: Saturday 9/29 and Sunday, 9/30, 2018.

Eligibility and team registration

  1. The tournament is open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at WVU.
  2. Registration will be online and is free of charge. Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted.
  3. Only 16 teams will participate in the Cup.
  4. Registration will be based on a first come first serve ending on Sunday, September 23rd at midnight, or when the first 16 teams are registered.
  5. There is a maximum roster size of 8 players and teams play 5 vs. 5.
  6. A minimum of ONE player on the field at all times for each team must be from the opposite gender (e.g. 1 female and 4 males or 4 females and 1 male).
  7. Each team must create its own names. Team Names CANNOT be derogatory, inflammatory, insensitive, hateful, or vulgar in any way.
  8. The team captain is responsible for completing the registration form.
  9. Players may be rostered with only one team.
  10. Each player registered must complete the tournament waiver and show her/his WVU ID before he/she plays. Players who do not sign the tournament waiver and/or do not show WVU ID will not be allowed to participate (waiver forms will be available the day of the tournament).

Field of play and equipment

  1. Surface: Turf.
  2. Bownet small sided goals.
  3. Players are recomm ended to wear shin guards (covered by socks) and appropriate footwear (e.g. cleats, indoor soccer shoes). No screw in or metal cleats are permitted.
  4. Pinnies will be provided.
  5. No player will be permitted to participate, if wearing any type of cast or brace with exposed metal.
  6. No jewelry may be worn during play (this includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets of any type, etc.).

Players on the field

  1. 5 vs. 5
  2. Each team can sign up to 3 additional players (maximum roster is 8 players).
  3. No goalkeepers.

Coed rule (gender rule)

  1. Coed Rule: A minimum of ONE player of each gender for each team must be on the field at all times.
  2. Not complying with the Coed-Rule will result in the team being down one player from the same gender.
  3. If the team shows up with 4 male players and NO female player, the team will be down one male player.
  4. If during the game the team loses its only female player (e.g., injured), the team will continuing playing with the existing four players but will not be able to replace that injured female player with a male player.


  1. Substitutions will be made “on the fly”. Exiting players must be fully off of the playing surface prior to replacement players entering the field. Players must exit the field on the teams’ sideline.
  2. There is no limit to substitutions.

Referees / Referee abuse / Protests

  1. Any abuse (physical/verbal) of a referee prior, during or after a match may result in the team,player or team follower being expelled from the Tournament.
  2. There are no protests. All decisions of the referee are final.

Game Rules

( as per the Laws of the Game unless stated )
  1. No players ca n use their hands on the field of play.
  2. Games will be 30 minutes in length. 2 periods of 15 minutes with a 2 minute half time.
  3. The Referee keeps the official time on the field.
  4. Referees are instructed NOT to add on any “extra time” for any reason.
  5. The “home team” will start the game with a kick-off, which shall be indirect and may go in any direction.
  6. There is NO off-sides.
  7. All fouls shall result in an indirect free kick with the opponents three yards away (or on the goal line, for kicks less than three yards from the goal line).
  8. No slide tackles will be allowed. Slide tackles will be punishable by an indirect free kick for the opposing team.
  9. In the event of an intentional hand ball in the goal area that takes away a clear goal scoring opportunity (or stops the ball from entering the goal), a penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the discretion of the referee. A penalty kick in this tournament is a free shot from the ½ way line with no players in the half where players are attempting to score.
  10. Throw-ins will be replaced by a kick-in (to be taken as an indirect free kick).
  11. All kicks restarting play are indirect, including corners, goal kicks, kick-ins, etc.
  12. All players are required to display good sportsmanship before, during, and after the game.

Conduct and discipline

Yellow Cards / Red Cards

  1. Players who disregard the rules will first be given a verbal warning unless the act is extensive in nature (which would result in an immediate card rather than a warning). Every warning there after will result in possibility of the issuance of a card at the referee’s discretion.
  2. Any player receiving a red card (including 2 yellows = red) will be ineligible for the next scheduled match. In the case of a serious offense, the tournament director will review all red cards, which could result in the team or player being expelled from the Tournament.
  3. Players guilty of serious foul play, violent con duct, spitting at an opponent or an y other person, or using offensive, insulting, abusive language/gestures, shall be sent off and play no further part in the tournament. In the case of a player being sent off, the team will play with a player down.

Tournament rules


  1. No reque sts for schedule changes will be honored after the preliminary schedules are posted.


  1. A forfeit will be recorded as a 5-0 win. A forfeit will occur if one team isn’t present 5 minutes after the scheduled game time.
  2. A team shall be allowed a five (5) minute grace period after the scheduled kick-off time before the match is considered a forfeit.

Point system

  1. A win results in progression to the next stage of the tournament
  2. In the case of two teams being tied at the end of the game then a sudden death penalty shootout begins. A penalty kick in this tournament is a free shot from the ½ way line with no players in the half where players are attempting to score.