Biographical Sketch

Dr. Sandrey received a B.S. in health and physical education with a minor in secondary education from Kent State University, an M.S. in physical education with a specialization in athletic training from Indiana State University, and a Ph.D. in health and physical education with a specialization in biomechanics and a minor in anatomy from the University of Kansas. Prior to her arrival in CPASS, Sandrey was an assistant professor in athletic training and graduate athletic training program director at Indiana State University, an instructor and undergraduate athletic training program director at Kansas State University, instructor and assistant athletic trainer at the University of Northern Iowa, a head athletic trainer at Oberlin College and an assistant athletic trainer at John Carroll University (Ohio).

Overall, the general focus of my research agenda relates to: 1) lower extremity overuse musculoskeletal injuries affecting tendon, ligament, muscle and bone; 2) training/rehabilitation programs for overuse injuries and the SIJ incorporating proprioception, dynamic postural control and core stabilization via outcomes based studies or randomized control studies; and 3) the healing cascade or lack of and damage that follows for overuse injuries using animal models, finite element models, and human subjects. Specifically, my research has evolved into the study of lower extremity overuse/chronic injuries including tendon, muscle, ligament and bone centered on the etiology, pathophysiology, healing cascade and treatment of overuse injuries using a rat model, or most recently human outcome based rehabilitation studies, systematic reviews or meta-analysis to evaluate available outcomes based studies in the literature. A secondary focus is to evaluate: 1) the effects of chronic injuries in humans on static and dynamic movement patterns and perturbations for tendinopathy, lateral ankle sprains and hamstring injuries; and 2) the effect of those chronic injuries on joint position sense and dynamic postural control.

When not pursuing research options or working on my house, my personal time consists of finding time to work out every day whether it be running, cross training, or weight lifting. As an avid sport fan, my favorite pastime is watching collegiate and professional sports, especially college basketball and like to consider myself as a college basketball aficionado.

Committees and Memberships

  • NATA
  • IATA
  • ACSM
  • American Red Cross Certified Instructor
  • Guest Reviewer for the Journal of Athletic Training
  • Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
  • Research and Education Foundation (NATA)

Educational Background

  • PhD, University of Kansas (1995)
  • MS, Indiana State University
  • BS, Kent State University

Professional Highlights

  • Main passion and research focus is on Lower Extremity Overuse and Chronic Musculoskeletal injuries affecting tendon, ligament, muscle and bone in regard to healing and rehabilitation
  • Guest Reviewer for several athletic training and medical journals as well as an Editorial Board Member for the Athletic Training Education Journal
  • A BOC certified Athletic Trainer and Graston Technique M1 Certified Instructor

Research Interests

  • Tissue biomechanics
  • tendinopathies
  • inflammation
  • gait analysis
  • orthotics
  • rehabilitation
  • prevention of injury
  • anatomy
  • research design
  • neuromotor aspects of injury (muscle stiffness, joint position sense, dynamic postural control)

    Previous Experience

  • Assistant Professor/Graduate Athletic Training Program Director, Indiana State University (1995-2000)
  • Doctoral Student, University of Kansas (1992-1995)
  • Sports Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Associates/Athletic Trainer (1992-1995)
  • Instructor/Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director, Kansas State University (1989-1992)
  • Assistant Athletic Trainer/Instructor, University of Northern Iowa (1985-1989)
  • Head Athletic Trainer/Instructor, Oberlin College (1980-1985)