Herb Amato

Herb Amato, DA, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1979, BS
E-mail:  amatohk@jmu.edu
Address: 1270 Harmony Dr. Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Current position: Associated Dean, University Studies; James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA
Other professional highlights: 1988-2006: James Madison University – Athletic Training Education Program Director; 2003 NATA: Sayers "Bud" Miller Distinguished Educator Award Presented by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Education Council; 1988: Summer Olympic Games: Seoul, South Korea – Athletic Trainer
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? Both WVU and the ATEP has shaped my career and allowed me to influence many high school and college students.

Kevin Bastin

Kevin Bastin, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1984, BS
E-mail:  KBastin@HoustonTexans.com
Address: Reliant Stadium, #2 Reliant Park, Houston TX
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Houston Texans 
Other professional highlights: Clinical Athletic Trainer MPTA Morgantown Physical Therapy Associates 1985, Asst. Athletic Trainer University of Louisville 1986-88, Director of Athletic Training Services MPTA 1988-89, Asst. Athletic Trainer Washington Redskins 1989- 2001, Head Athletic Trainer Houston Texans 2001-Present, Served on the Board of Directors for PFATSProfessional Football Athletic Trainers Society and currently serving as Secretary,  Board of Directors for the National Center for Human Performance Houston Texas, Super Bowl Champions Washington Redskins 1991, Athletic Training Staff of the Year Washington Redskins 1995.
Advice to current or prospective students: As you embark and approach a career in Athletic Training you are venturing into a profession that combines health care with athletics.  Your passion for athletics and medicine coupled with your will to care and serve, utilizing your gifts and talents will provide you with many satisfying and unique opportunities.  As students take advantage of what the curriculum offers (academics, practical experience) and seek out additional knowledge and experiences in the field when given the opportunity.  Keep in mind that in our profession there are many different philosophies and techniques toward the care and prevention of injuries to athletes.  Be open minded to all ideas as you seek out knowledge, as you develop your foundation as a health care professional.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? My experiences at WVU and in the Athletic Training Curriculum provided me with many memories.  The education and practical experience prepared me for my continued pursuit of the Athletic Training field.  As important as the institution and curriculum were, it was the people I encountered that made a profound impact on my life as a student and person.  I learned much about the field of Athletic Training in the classroom, but it was the care, commitment and camaraderie of the staff and fellow students that made the experience invaluable.  A day does not go by when I don’t ask myself what would John Spiker do in this situation, or how would Jack Brautigam manage this athlete.  The institution provided me the education, but the people provided me the practical wisdom and work ethic that has given me the opportunity to work as an Athletic Trainer.

Tom Belmaggio

Tom Belmaggio, MS, ATC, CSCS

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1988, BS
E-mail:  belmaggio@marshall.edu
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Marshall University, Huntington, WV
Other professional highlights: Internships: Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, Former Treasurer of the Rhode Island Athletic Trainers Association
Advice to current or prospective students: Take advantage of the resources that WVU offers. The staff, facilities and physicians are second to none, learn something new from them every day. The camaraderie and well roundedness of the program is one of the top in the country and it provides students with options to choose whatever career setting they wish to pursue. Use theWVU family/network wisely and utilize it to your advantage.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The WVU ATEP was and still is very endearing to me, not only because of the education and experience but the people who provide that experience. The staff created a environment conducive to learning which gave me skills and knowledge to handle the challenges that we encounter in this profession.

Kim Benson-Fortney

Kim Benson-Fortney, MA, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1988, BS
E-mail:  kimandscottfortney@frontiernet.net
Address: 15 Derby Place, Charles Town, WV 25414
Current position: Teacher of health and sports medicine at Urbana High School with Frederick County (Maryland) Public Schools
Other professional highlights: Curriculum writing for health and sports medicine; new teacher mentor’ past member of the Family Life Advisory Committee’ member of the Task Force for Sexual Assault and Harassment; cooperating teacher for student teachers
Advice to current or prospective students: Enjoy it all! Learn everything you possibly can from the excellent staff at WVU. Get involved in observing all areas of the profession. Especially ones that seem indirectly related to athletic training. You may end up in a family/career situation that will surprise you and your broad range of experiences will be positive.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? While in the outstanding WVU athletic program, I not only received an excellent education but was also guided and mentored to a career. The staff members became positive role models. I thought I had my athletic training career planned for myself until my son was diagnosed with autism in 1998. Although my direction changed, my ability to understand, critique and make sound decisions in the development of appropriate treatment/interventions for our son became invaluable. Based on our experiences with him, we believe we made important, yet unpopular, decisions for our daughter when she was born 3 years later.
In reference to my career: because of my athletic training certification, I have a career teaching health and sports medicine at a high school. I can honestly say I love going to work everyday! Thanks Randy for always making us feel welcome!

Casey Berry Athletic Training Alumni photo

Casey Berry, MS, LAT, ATC, ITAT

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2009, BS 
E-mail:   caseysberry@outlook.com
Address: Annapolis, MD 
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Archbishop Spalding High School, Severn Maryland
Other professional highlights: 2009-2011 Marshall Football Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, 2011-2012 Navy Football Intern Athletic Trainer, 2015-present Seasonal Navy Football Medical/Concussion Spotter.
Advice to current or prospective students: This curriculum was and continues to be challenging. You learn so much. There is no way it all makes sense the first time you hear it. Take what you can from each exposure. Eventually it all starts clicking. I still remind myself frequently of the following: Tony Corley, sitting in the WVU Football athletic training room preached to a group of us that you are not always going to know right away exactly that is wrong with someone, but you have to be smart enough to treat the effects of the injury; address the pain, address the ROM issues, etc - you buy yourself time BUT always remember you will never succeed in this profession or any profession for that matter, if you are not smart enough to know where to look for the right answer - want to get better at what you do, use your resources.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? Once you are out in the real world, you will realize how much more prepared you are than colleagues around you. The curriculum and exposure to real life experiences within the profession are truly above and beyond most. The stability of those still involved in the program is a true testament to that.  

Brant Berkstresser

Brant Berkstresser, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1991, BS
E-mail:  bberkstr@fas.harvard.edu
Address: 65 N. Harvard St, Boston MA 02163
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Harvard University
Advice to current or prospective students: My biggest advice to students is to always remember that the profession of athletic training is a service profession. You are here to help others. It is a profession for those who want to give, not receive.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I feel honored to be a part of the WVU Athletic Training Family. We are a group of proud athletic trainers who have a great respect for the profession, our colleagues and most importantly our FAMILY. WVU taught me not only athletic training but more importantly how to be an athletic trainer. Thank you, WVU. Let’s Go Mountaineers!

William Biddington

William B. Biddington, EdD, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1975, BSPE
E-mail:  biddington_w@cup.edu
Address: 1722 Lexington Avenue, Uniontown, PA 15401
Current position: Professor – Department of Health Science & Sport Studies, California University of Pennsylvania
Other professional highlights: NCAA Division II Academic Requirements Committee 2012-2016; CAATE Board Commissioner – 2008-2011; Inducted into the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Hall of Fame – 2006; CAATE Site Visitor for 10 years.
Advice to current or prospective students: Become involved in the profession of Athletic Training on any level (local, state, district, national) during and after you graduate from the ATEPat WVU.  Make a difference in the profession in any way you can through out your career no matter how big or small that difference may be.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I was one of the very early graduates fromWVU in 1975 but I can honestly say that the faculty that taught me at the time (John Spiker, Bud Tice, AC “Whitey” Gwynne) made a difference early in my career as an athletic trainer and that I was able to take what they taught me and applied it to my job at California University over the years.  Their guidance was invaluable to me as a young professional.

Marissa Brunett Athletic Training Alumni photo

Marisa Brunett, MS, ATC, LAT

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1986, BS
E-mail:  Marisabhrt@earthlink.net; or  mbrunett@ nirvanahealthsystems.com 
Address: 238 Chestnut Ridge Street, Winter Springs, FL 32708
Current position: Director of Outpatient & Community Services, Nirvana Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services-Central Florida
Other professional highlights: NATA Board of Directors-District 9 Director 2016-2019, NATA Public Relations Committee Chair and past member, NATA Website Advisory Committee, Appointed by FL Governor as a member of the Florida Department of Health's Board of Athletic Training-Served as Vice-Chair of the committee. Vice-President & Executive Board member for District IX-Southeast Athletic Trainers' Association; Past-President of The Athletic Trainers’ Association of Florida; Member of the NATA Governance Task Force; Past President, Vice President, Executive Board Member and past Chair of the Education Committee of the Athletic Trainers' Association of Florida; Florida Worker's Compensation Reimbursement Project Team; Test Site Administrator, Exam Administration Committee and Qualified Examiner for the BOC National Exam; Local Medical Coordinator for the East-West Shine Bowl Game 2010 & 2011; Health’s Board of Athletic Training; Member of the NATA PR Committee. Honored to have been inducted into the SEATA-District 9 "Hall of Fame" in 2011, as well as The Athletic Trainer's Association of Florida's "Hall of Fame" in 2008. Received the BOC Dan Libera Service Award 2007, NATA "Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer" in 2011 & NATA "Athletic Trainer Service Award" in 2002. ALso, received WV Governor, Cecil H. Underwood's "Distinguished West Virginian Award" in 1999. 
Advice to current or prospective students: Utilize the great resources and the incredible staff and alumni that the WVU AT Curriculum has available to you. Take advantage of any opportunities they may present your way. Learn as much as you possibly can from all the wonderful health care professionals that are involved with the WV AT program. Also, get involved with your professional organizations (become members of the state, district and national organizations and offer to volunteer where you can). Make sure to attend professional meetings where you can make new contacts to grow your network and meet other WVU Alumni. WV AT Alumni are everywhere and we are a tight knit community!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I am very proud to be a Mountaineer alumni and especially to have been a part of such an outstanding, reputable athletic training  curriculum. My fondest memories and experiences are from my time in the WVU athletic training program with all the great teachers/mentors that we had, the opportunities and experiences they provided us, the great athletic programs we were able to work with and all the wonderful friends that we made. We were taught very early on in the program what it means to be a professional and to be involved and give back to our profession-Be an advocate! The WVU AT Curriculum definitely prepared us for our future in the athletic training profession. I am extremely proud to be a part of such a strong program and of the closeness and connections with all of the WVU AT program alumni. I like the fact that  the WVU AT Program values their alumni and continues to make sure that we all know what is going on in Morgantown and all throughout the country where alums are working and have opportunities available.  LET’S GO MOUNTAINEERS!

Jennifer Cappuzzo

Jennifer Cappuzzo, MA, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1999, BS
E-mail:  cappuzzo@ou.edu
Address:University of Oklahoma, 180 W. Brooks Rm. E-8, Norman, OK 73019
Current position: Assistant Athletic Trainer – Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics at The University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK
Other professional highlights:My first job post graduate was at St. Mary’s college of California where I worked women’s soccer and basketball. I then worked from 2002-2006 with the University of Georgia Gymnastics team where I was a member of back-to-back national champions.
Advice to current or prospective students: Take the education you get at WVU very seriously because it is the best education in the field of athletic training you will get. Be proud of what you do and where you come from and be sure to always represent, yourself, your family, your institution and the program at WVU in a positive manner. The education you receive from WVUnot only teaches you about the profession but it also teaches you the life skills you need to be successful in life!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU and the athletic training program there has helped me to become the person that I am today. Everyone at WVU taught me not only what I needed to know to be successful professionally, but they have helped me in life as well. I made some of my best friends while at WVU and I continue to get great advice from my mentors there. I am very proud to be a graduate of such an amazing institution that is so well recognized and acknowledged nation wide.

Pete Chacalos

Pete Chacalos MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree:1982, BS
E-mail:  pchacalos@aol.com or  pchacalo@access.k12.wv.us
Address: 960 Stome & Shannon Road, Wheeling, WV 26003
Current position: Teacher/Head Athletic Trainer, Wheeling Park High School, Wheeling, WV 26003
Other professional highlights: After graduation, I was Head Athletic Trainer at Wheeling College (now Wheeling Jesuit University ). In 1983 I entered the graduate program at Ohio University where I received my MS in Physical Education in 1984. While at OU I served as athletic trainer at Oak Hill High School in Oak Hill , Ohio . After graduating from OU, I worked in Hancock County , WV for one year before coming to Wheeling Park High School in the fall of 1985. I currently teach Human Anatomy and Physiology and supervise a staff of student trainers, some of whom have gone through the undergrad program at WVU.
Advice to current or prospective students: When you are planning for your future, make sure you make yourself as marketable as possible. Don’t rule out the high school setting. I think I have the best job in the world. I really get to know my kids …. I see them in the classroom AND on the field, court, etc… and have built some great relationships. Whatever path you choose, setGOALS. Set them high (long term) and set them daily (short term). Go to work (or school) every day and challenge yourself to learn one thing, do one thing better, help one more person, etc. Then at the end of the day ask yourself what you accomplished. This is a great way to stay out of a rut and maintain a high level of motivation. Work daily to improve your skills, shooting for your long term goals. It is important to develop a strong positive self image, and to work real hard on the presentation of yourself. First impressions are EVERYTHING believe me! I would not be where I am today if good first impressions had not been made. Finally, the best advice I can give anyone, regardless of what he is going into, is to be a human being first. Enjoy life, enjoy what you are doing, have compassion (its tough sometime). Handle everyone as an individual. If they have something to say, really listen to them.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? Old Mountaineer Field, Stansbury Hall, Coliseum Training room, New Mountaineer Field, practicing at Old Mountaineer Field and playing at New Mountaineer Field, PRT, Evansdale Campus, Sunnyside, Greasy Nicks, the “fishbowl”, Towers, the brand new shell building, Gross Anatomy Lab, late night study sessions, the trips, the Pitt games…………….. memories. Most of my fondest memories are from the years in the athletic training program. We were family (and always will be). We owe so much to John Spiker, Glenn Johnson, Sam Keggereis, and Greg Ott, our staff ATC’s. THANK YOU!!! We shared in each other’s joys and sorrows. A house is only as strong as its foundation. Whether we are in the professional ranks, collegiate, high school, clinics etc…. we have achieved due to the foundation we built at WVU. There is NO PLACE BETTER. After all, its Almost Heaven.

David Colt

David Colt, MSEd, ATC, LAT

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1977, BS
E-mail:  dc@mail.nwmissouri.edu Address: 1427 N. Mulberry St., Maryville, MO 64468
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer/Assistant Professor – Northwest Missouri State University
Other professional highlights: Mid-America Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame – Induction, March 16, 2007; National Athletic Trainers’ Association – Division II Athletic Trainer of the Year, June 2006; Missouri Sports Hall of Fame – Enshrinement Ceremony February 12, 2006; Northwest Missouri State University Certificate of Appreciation for 25 years of service, February 2006; Northwest Missouri State University Mortor Board Top 10 Faculty, April 2005; National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer, June 2004; Missouri House of Representatives – Resolution #1719 – Proclamation of Congratulations for NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award, April 14, 2004; Dan Libera Service Award – from National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification, June 2004; Northwest Missouri State University Alumni Association Special Recognition, July, 2003; Missouri Athletic Trainers’ Association- 25 Year Award, June 2002; Northwest Missouri State University Mortar Board Certificate of Appreciation, April 2002; Missouri Athletic Trainers’ Association Sports medicine Hall of Fame, June 2001; National Athletic Trainers’ Association – 25 Year Award, June 2001; Northwest Missouri State University Certificate of Appreciation for 20 Years of Service, February 21, 2001; Missouri Athletic Trainers’ Association Athletic Trainer of the Year 1995 and 1999; Outstanding Service to NATA Board of Directors, June 1999; Certificate of Recognition from Missouri House of Representatives, February 24, 1999 – Recognition of NCAA Division II Football National Championship; NATABOC Achievement Award, March 1990
Advice to current or prospective students: Athletic training is an outstanding profession that will provide you with so many good things in your life. You will feel rewarded every day through the work with individuals that need your help. You must remember you are entering a "servants" role – not that you will be a slave to anyone, nor should you allow yourself to be. You must remember that you will be there "to serve" and provide a much needed service to those in your care. By understanding and accepting this role, you will find many blessings. You must care about and for people and be willing to listen. You will see people experience the highest of highs as well as the lowest of lows – sometime in the same day. You must be willing to put yourself second – however, not to the extent that you give up a private life. Your God and your family must be priorities in your life in order to maintain peace and balance. Do not marry your job – marry a wife or husband and remember that person is more important that any job can be.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The WVU athletic training program has been a family that has grown tremendously throughout the years. I am continually amazed at the number of quality of people this program graduates. There are few programs in this country that have produced the number of leaders in the profession as WVU has. Everywhere I go it seems as though a WVU Alum is present. It makes me proud, it provides a sense of family, and I know that this family will always be there to celebrate with me or cry with me.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1991, BS (Secondary Science Education with a minor in Athletic Training)
E-mail:  cooksl@jmu.edu
Address: 128 Godwin Hall. MSC 2301, Harrisonburg , VA 22807; (540)-568-6576
Current position: Associate Athletic Trainer, Head Football Athletic Trainer: James Madison University
Other professional highlights: I previously worked at University of Notre Dame and the University of Illinois and as a Graduate Assistant at Purdue University.
Advice to current or prospective students: Do not underestimate the power of networking in this profession. I am continually amazed that new graduates seeking positions do not utilize the networking capabilities that are available to them through the clinical and athletic training staffs. Enjoy the college experience, you will look back fondly at the memories and friendships that you made while at WVU!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The athletic training program at WVU was an integral part in obtaining every position that I have had. I had tremendous staff to work with and for and felt that I was extremely prepared to enter the profession upon graduation. The whole college experience was great as I met my wife there and we have many great memories of WVU.

Dave Dennis, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1992, BS
E-mail:  ddennis@wju.edu
Address: 316 Washington Ave., Wheeling, WV 26003
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Wheeling Jesuit University
Other professional highlights: Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer – Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club 1992-1994
Advice to current or prospective students: Be honest with whomever you are working (athletes, parents, coaches, AD’s etc). Regardless if the info is given in a kind or sometimes-brutal fashion, you will gain more respect in the long run.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? Growing up close to Morgantown (Bruceton Mills), I have always had a life-long love for WVU. When first starting out in the Athletic Training program, I had no idea I was entering such a well-respected curriculum. When learning of this, it increased my pride in the school and made me feel very fortunate I was selected to pursue this profession. There is always a connection and a feeling of brotherhood between fellow grads regardless of the year of graduation.

Kevin Deremer

Kevin Deremer, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1981, BS
E-mail:  kevinderemer@creighton.edu
Address: Dept. of Athletics, 2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Creighton                                         University

Mark Doughty

Mark Doughty, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1983, BS
E-mail:  mdoughty@laca.org
Address: 350 Jefferson Rd., Newark, OH 43055
Current Position: Head Athletic Trainer, Newark High School
Other professional highlights: 2 articles published in  Athletic Training; Member and Chair of the Ohio Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers’ Board 1990-2003; Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association (OATA) High School Athletic Trainer of the Year 1993; OATAModel HS program; NATA Service Award 2001; OATA Hall of Fame 2004; past member OATASecondary Schools Committee; current member OATA Legislative Committee; chaired BOC ad hoc committee on credential restoration; current member BOC Standard Committee
Advice to current or prospective students: Embrace every learning opportunity that you are given and utilize the wealth of knowledge and experience available from the staff.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The outstanding staff and family atmosphere of the program allowed me to develop and succeed as an athletic trainer.

Kelly Dunavant, DO

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1999, BS Athletic Training & Exercise Physiology
E-mail:  kdunavan@hotmail.com
Address: 161 Camden Street , Clarksburg , WV 26301
Current Position: Resident Physician of Family Medicine, United Hospital Center, Clarksburg, WV

Lindsay (Swiger) Dunavant, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2001, BS
E-mail:  lindsayswiger@hotmail.com
Address: 161 Camden Street, Clarksburg, WV 26301
Current Position: Athletic Trainer – Pinti Physical Therapy, Clarksburg, WV
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The WVU Athletic Training program means the world to me. I’ve made so many friends and connections just because I went through the program. I met my husband through this program! And I had a blast! Oh, yeah, I learned some stuff, too!

Taylor Duncan, ATC, LAT

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2006, BS
E-mail:  td234106@ohio.edu
Address: 15 Maple St . Athens , OH 45701
Current Position: Graduate Assistant for Ohio University Bobcat Football, Athens , OH
Advice to current or prospective students: As long as the days are and as many headaches as you get…there is nothing better than seeing how your athlete recovers and appreciates all the time and effort you put in.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I couldn’t have asked for a better collegiate experience. I learned from some of the most knowledgeable athletic trainers in the country and would’t have traded a single second. WVU does an excellent job in preparing you for the real world expectations of athletic training. The Mountaineers will always be a part of my family.

Brad Farrell, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1997, BS
E-mail:  bmfarr01@gwise.louisville.edu
Address: University of Louisville, Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, Louisville, KY 40292
Current Position: Athletic Trainer – University of Louisville Football
Other professional highlights: Just happy to be working in a profession I enjoy!
Advice to current or prospective students: Take advantage of all the education you can get from the WVU Athletic Training Program. It allows you the opportunity to gain a great foundation to an excellent career wherever you may end up.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU means an awful lot to me. It has given me a great basis and allowed me to expand my career and keep me guided and focused on the goals I have professionally. Without WVU’s Athletic Training Program, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today.

Shawn Felton, M.Ed., ATC, LAT

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1999, BS
E-mail:  sfelton@fgcu.edu
Address: Florida Gulf Coast University, College of Health Professions, 10501 FGCU Blvd South, Fort Myer, FL 33965
Current Position: Athletic Training Clinical Coordinator – Florida Gulf Coast University
Other professional highlights: After leaving Motown, I attended the University of Louisville for my Masters where I was a GA for the football team, later being promoted to the Assistant Football AT. There I was able to work with another great WVU alum Dwayne Treolo, who really helped shape me as a professional. However, Louisville was a little too cold in the winter, so I had to move where the weather suited my clothes.
Advice to current or prospective students: Enjoy it while you are there. You are being prepared by the best professionals in athletic training. Don’t take it for granted. Also, everyday you should be working hard to improve yourself and the athletic training profession. Work hard for that recommendation!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? Being a WV native, it meant everything to be apart of a great tradition. It was the best experience of my life. I am so proud to be able to say I was a graduate of the WVU athletic training program. The staff is exceptional!!!

Hank Fijalkowski

Hank Fijalkowski, ATC, MS, NASM-CES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1981, BS
E-mail:  hfijalkowski@millersville.edu
Address: Pucillo Gym, Millersville University, Millersville , PA 17551
Current Position: Head Athletic Trainer, Millersville University
Other professional highlights: Webmaster; Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers’ Society; Initiated new Dual Degree Athletic Training/Biology collaboration with West Chester University
Advice to current or prospective students: Just look around at where the WVU alumni are working, what they have achieved and you will see the quality of the WVU graduate.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? A great program. I am proud be part of it.WVU athletic training still stands above any program out there.

David Gatta

David Gatta, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1995, MS
E-mail:  dgatta@acsdny.org
Address: Arlington High School, 1157 Rt. 55, LaGrangeville, NY 12540
Current Position: PE Coordinator and Athletic Trainer at Arlington High School near Poughkeepsie, NY
Other professional highlights: NYSATA John Sciera Service Award (2007); NYSATA Joe Abraham Award- Outstanding Service in NYS (2006); NYS Empire State Games Athletic Trainer (2005); Marist College, Affiliated Clinical Site, ACI/CI (2001- Present); NYSATA Secondary School Chairperson (1999- 2006); ATP Tennis Tour Medical Assistant Athletic Trainer, Legg Mason (2000); Womens World Cup, Medical Volunteer, Sector Coordinator (1999)
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU provided the education that has allowed me to provide care for many student athletes in NY. I feel very lucky to have been a part of the WVU tradition.

David R. Hanna

David R. Hanna

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1996, MS
E-mail:  dhanna@wju.edu
Current Position: Department Chair/Program Director/Assistant Professor Department of Athletic Training Wheeling Jesuit University
Other professional highlights: ATC for Wheeling Nailers Hockey Club for six seasons; won two titles with Ohio Valley Greyhound Indoor Football Team, All-star ATC for ECHL All Star Game 2005; Earned DPT in 2007 and work in the West Virginia Birth to Three system with infants and toddlers.
Advice to current or prospective students: Don’t put limitations on yourself. Anything is possible with the will and desire.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? It was a great place to make connections and set the foundation for my career. Although only speaking with staff once in a great while, they all still make you feel like part of the family

Russ Hoff, MS, ATC

E-mail:  rhoff@valdosta.edu
Address: 1500 North Pattercon Street, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA 31698

Jason Johnson, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1998, BS 
E-mail:  jjohns16@hotmail.com
Current Position: Area Vice President of Sales DJO Global/DonJoy 
Other professional highlights: Seasonal intern two season Atlanta Falcons 2000-2002. Master Degree LSU. 
Advice to current or prospective students: Take advantage of every minute of your experience at WVU and the network of Alumni. Do not be afraid to work hard and most importantly ask questions. Everyone you meet that has been or is associated with WVU will help you if you ask. In my career I have hired numerous athletic training students and I can say without hesitation that the WVU ATEP prepares you for traditional and nontraditional careers in and out of Athletic training. 
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? As a native West Virginian graduating from WVU meant the world to me. The athletic training program at WVU was and is so much more that just an undergraduate or graduate program. I made lifelong friends and professional contacts that I can say without hesitation set me up for the professional success that I have experienced. I can only hope that my children have a collegiate experience that comes close to what the WVU ATEP offered me . 

Stephanie Kee, MS, ATC, LAT, PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2002, BS
E-mail:  skee@athletics.tamu.edu
Address: P.O. Box 30017, College Station, TX 77842-3017
Current Position: Assistant Athletic Trainer, Texas A&M University
Other professional highlights: Secretary/Treasurer – WVU Athletic Training Alumni Association; Eating Disorder Committee – Texas A&M University; X Games Athletic Training Staff – Summer 2003, Winter 2004
Advice to current or prospective students: Even though it is overwhelming at times remember that you are part of something special. The athletic training education you are receiving truly does prepare you for whatever career path you choose to pursue. Make the most of it and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience the staff provides. Take pride in knowing that you were selected for a reason into a program that is highly regarded in the field of Athletic Training. Let’s Go Mountaineers!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The WVU Athletic Training program made me feel like I was a part of a family within a big institution. I made wonderful friends that I know I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life. It prepared me not only in the field but for life. It teaches you decision making, time management, people skills, tolerance and creativity. When people ask where I went to school I am proud that I came from an amazing and reputable athletic training program and had mentors that are well regarded in the field. Now that I have been out in the field for a little while it is amazing to me that the small family I had in undergrad has grown to include alumni from all over the country. It is comforting to know that there is a huge support system with easy access no matter where you are.

Jerry Koloskie athletic training alumni photo

Jerry Koloskie, MS

Year Graduated from WVU and degree: 1980 BS in Physical Education 
Email:   koloskiej@gmail.com 
Address: University at Albany, 1400 Washington Ave, SEFCU Arena #207, Albany, NY 12222  
Professional Credentials: Retired Certified ATC, Licensed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor State of Nevada
Current position: Deputy Athletics Director, University at Albany 
Other Professional Highlights: CPASS Visiting Committee (2014-2017). Far West Athletic Trainer’s Association Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award in 2007. Served as the Director of Athletic Training at UNLV from 1982-1997. During that time I had the opportunity to be a part of the 1989-1990 NCAA Basketball Championships in which UNLV defeated Duke 103-73. Served on the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sport for 4 years and two years as the Chair (2004-2008). Served the NATA Public Relations Committee from 1994-1998 and as Committee Chair (1998-2001). Started the Nevada State Athletic Trainer’s Association in 1983 and served on the Committee was that was responsible for securing state licensure for athletic trainer’s in the State of Nevada. Chartered and served at the first President of the Nevada State Athletic Trainer's Association. District 8 Public Relations Chair (1992-1998). 
Advice to current or prospective students: Broaden your scope. Get involved and become knowledge with as many areas of your place of employment and develop a strong network to help you grow professionally. 
What does WVU Athletic Training mean to you: I was an average student in high school and was always involved in sports. Getting accepted into the WVU athletic training program provided me opportunities that I never envisioned. I was fortunate to be an athletic trainer for three final four UNLV teams and the 1990 National Championship and I credit John Spiker, Glen Johnson and Sam Keggeris for that success by providing me with an excellent undergraduate experience.

Thomas Kuster, MS, ATC, PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1997, MS
E-mail:  kustertj@jmu.edu
Address: James Madison University, Department of Sports Medicine, MSC 2301, HarrisonburgVA 22807
Current Position: Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine
Other professional highlights: Head Athletic Trainer at Pfeiffer University; Virginia Athletic Trainers Association Committee Chair to the College/University Athletic Trainers Committee
Advice to current or prospective students: Make sure you take full advantage of the all the opportunities presented to you to develop academically, clinically, and professionally. Avoid complacency and continue to challenge yourself.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The staff at WVU is amazing and the network and success of the alumni is testament to this. The individual accomplishments of the WVUalumni can all be traced back to the preparation, guidance, and mentoring provided to them during their time in Morgantown. I feel very fortunate to have made the decision to attend WVUfor my graduate degree and would recommend their program both undergraduate and graduate to anyone interested in Athletic Training.

Andy Llaguno, MSEd, ATC, CSCS

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: Assistant Football Athletic Trainer 1994-1996
E-mail:  Allaguno@URI.EDU
Current position: Senior Associate Athletic Trainer / Head Football ATC- University of Rhode Island
Other professional highlights: I am very active within the profession and am on committees at State, District, & National Levels
Advice to current or prospective students: Do something (over and beyond) each year to make yourself and the profession better…
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? Best job I have ever had! WVU Sports Medicine Department is a true example of staff, students, and physicians working together.

Matt Lyden portrait

Matt Lyden, MS, ATC, USAW-1

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: BS, 1998
E-mail:  mlyden@srhs.com
Address: 151 Ribault St STE 200, Spartanburg, SC 29302
Current position: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System/Sports Medicine Institute Manager – Spartanburg, SC
Other Professional Highlights: 

  • 2014-present: South Carolina Athletic Training Association Program Committee Chair
  • 2011-2014: United Way of the Piedmont – health grants review committee member
  • 2009-2015: Partners for Active Living Spartanburg - board member and chair (2012-2014)
  • 2010-2013: NATA Committee on Revenue member
  • 2001-2005: BOC exam – Test Site Administrator, Nashville, TN

Advice to current or prospective students: Keep an open mind and be adaptable to new opportunities. Our profession was built on the traditional high school and collegiate settings and AT’s continually prove their worth as providers in so many different areas of the healthcare industry. Never underestimate the value and impact we have on the populations we serve.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you?   Pride. I wear gold and blue from the inside out. The WVU athletic training program helped forge the foundation for my professional path and feel so honored to be a part of such an unbelievable family of AT’s. LET’S GO!

Shawn McCarthy, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree:BS 2004
E-mail:  shawn_mccarthy@comcast.net
Address: 1675 Polo Lake Dr. East #308, Wellington, FL 33414
Current position: Athletic Trainer / Assistant Athletic Director / Teacher, Palm Beach Central High School, Palm Beach County

Ben McCrady, MS, ATC, EMT-B, Fire Fighter

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2002, BS
E-mail:  bmccrady@mbc.edu
Address: 2337 Breckenridge Court Harrisonburg VA 22801
Current position: Firefighter\Medic, Augusta County Fire Rescue
Other professional highlights: Captain and President of the Augusta County Volunteer Fire Department; National Level 2 Certified Firefighter and Hazardous-Material Technician; Special Olympics Volunteer; Health and Safety Coordinator for ACFR
Advice to current or prospective students: Always keep an updated resume and your options open. Avoid tunnel vision in your career and don’t be afraid to explore other opportunities.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU provided a close family environment and helped me to make many close friends who I still keep in touch with today. In Graduate School I realized that many other GA’s and even some staff members would come to me for help. Even though I loathed studying in undergrad, I now understand that it has paid off in the long run.

Bridget (Brugger) McSorley, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1999, MS
E-mail:  mcsorlbb@jmu.edu
Address: Department of Sports Medicine, MSC 2301, Harrisonburg , VA 22807
Current position: Assistant Director for Sports Medicine – James Madison University
Other professional highlights: Penn State University – Assistant Athletic Trainer; Virginia Military Institute – Assistant Athletic Trainer and Senior Woman Administrator; James Madison University -Associate Athletics Director
Advice to current or prospective students: Be sure to truly value the experience you have been given at WVU because it has the potential to provide you with invaluable opportunities. Professionally, take pride in yourself and your performance.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I would not change a thing about my experience. WVU fostered my professional growth opportunities by providing me with an excellent clinical experience, and more importantly, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to begin my teaching career under the guidance of my mentor Vinnie Stilger. The people at WVUwere amazing, and I have made some lifelong friends because of my experience. I feel very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to pursue my educational and professional endeavors at WVU.

Chas Miller, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2003, BS
E-mail:  wvumiller@aol.com or  chas.miller@braves.com
Address: 47151 Powhatan Court…Lexington Park, MD 20653
Current position: Athletic Trainer Myrtle Beach Pelicans, Myrtle Beach, SC
Other professional highlights: Seasonal Athletic Training Intern with the Jacksonville Jaguars 2005. 2009 Carolina League Athletic Trainer of the Year
Advice to current or prospective students: Dedication, hard-work, and patience are some of the many important attributes that you should have as an Athletic Trainer. My athletic training career has been very rewarding and without these three attributes it probably would have been more of a struggle. To the prospective and current students, your class work and your experiences in the training room are your biggest assets right now. Absorb as much as you can now and it will certainly pay off in the future! Make yourself stand out amongst your fellow students and future employers.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The WVU Athletic Training program was my home away from home. They had the most caring and knowledgeable staff that I have experienced in my career thus far. During my career, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with many other Athletic Trainers throughout the country and the reaction that I get when I inform them that I attended WVU is amazing. This reaction speaks volumes about WVU and it gives me great pride to know that I was part of such a renowned program. The staff does an excellent job at placing you in sport assignments that ultimately fit the sport you want to work as a career; therefore allowing you to experience the types of injuries, rehabilitations, and schedules that you will be faced with throughout your career in that sport. These experiences were very important to my growth as an Athletic Trainer and the pursuit of my career.

Diana G. Miller, MS, VATL, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2002, BS
E-mail:  dsquared_1@verizon.net
Address: 15348 Inlet Place, Dumfries, VA 22025 
Current position: Director of Sports Medicine at Robert E. Lee High School in Fairfax County Public Schools , Virginia
Other professional highlights: I received my master’s degree (‘04) in Athletic Administration from Florida State University while working as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer and Lecturer. I served as a one-year fellow for the United States Olympic Committee at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center in 2004.
Advice to current or prospective students: WVU undergraduate AT students should continue to work hard within the curriculum and take advantage of the WVU AT faculty for knowledge, advice and guidance. The people you meet and the courses you take are truly invaluable!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU and the athletic training program served to be like a family away from home during my time at WVU. I have unforgettable, nostalgic memories that I will carry with me always. I am still in contact with genuine, forever friends fromWVU. And I can honestly say I am the successful Certified Athletic Trainer today due to the foundation that was built in the WVU AT program. I’m always proud to say I graduated from theWVU Athletic Training Program and continue to be amazed when meeting the many fellow alumni across the nation and world!

Michael Miller, EdD, ATC, CSCS

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1991, MS (Athletic Training); 1995, MS (Exercise Physiology); EdD, 1996 (PETE)
E-mail:  Michael.g.miller@wmich.edu
Address: Western Michigan University, Dept of HPER, 1903 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49009-5426
Current position: Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Athletic Training Program, Western Michigan University
Other professional highlights: I am on several NATA and NSCA committees and have written multiple manuscripts, books, book chapter, and national presentations
Advice to current or prospective students: Do not get too stressed out with the volume of information. This profession requires time to comprehend and good athletic trainers are always learning.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? My experiences at West Va allowed me to realize what I really wanted to do in my professional career. The staff and faculty, especially Meador, were great mentors and believed in the positive aspects of my abilities.

TJ Morgan, MS, ATC, PES, EMT-B

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1998, MS
E-mail:  Morgant@archbishopspalding.org
Address: 797 Evergreen Rd. Severn , MD 21144
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Archbishop Spalding High School, Severn , MD 21144
Other professional highlights: Vice President Maryland Athletic Trainer’s Association
Advice to current or prospective students: Work hard and in the end accept nothing less than you are worth.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU athletic training solidified a good foundation I received while in undergrad at Salisbury U. As a high school GA I was forced to work more independently, think critically, and approach the job as a professional opposed to being a supervised student.

Celia Moore M.S., ATC-L

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1995 with a BS in Ex. Phys.
E-mail:  cmooretrouble@hotmail.com
Address: 4392 Labrador Ct., Amissville, Va. 20106
Current position: 1) Mom!!  2) Freelance ATC with Loudoun County and Fauquier County Public Schools  (filling in when somebody needs a sub)3) believe it or not – I’m a Professional Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics!!  I would have laughed in anyone’s face if they had predicted that as my future 5 years ago, but now I’m driving a FREE Mary Kay Car and will be a Sales Director by this time next year!  AT is still my first passion, but I couldn’t keep that schedule and be the Mom I wanted to be.
Other professional highlights: Back in 1999-2000, I was named “Coach of the Year” at Park View High School in Sterling, Va
Advice to current or prospective students: LOVE what you do because there will be a “few” days when that is the only thing that will get you through the rest of the day; knowing you LOVE and have a PASSION for helping others (as irritating and exhausting as it may be sometimes!).  Make sure you find time for yourself amongst caring for everyone else.  Even though very few will say thank you, YOU have made the difference in someone’s life because you took the time to care for someone else.  Sometimes there’s much more than just “Ice” in an ice bag!!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I was mentored by the BEST!  Betsy taught me to think ahead – WAY ahead and to have great patience (with othersAND yourself).  I have found that the education and training I received @ WVU not only provided me with a well-rounded and competent skill level, but also a level of dedication and  attention to detail that I rarely see in graduates of other programs.

Dave Morrisette, PT, PhD, OCS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1979 with a BS in Athletic Training, MA in Curriculum and Instruction.
E-mail:  morrisdc@musc.edu
Current position: Director, Division of Physical Therapy, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Other professional highlights: BA, Marshall University; MA and Athletic Training, WVU; PT Certificate, Emory University; PhD in Physiology, Medical University of South Carolina; Research Sabbatical, Yale University; Alpha Eta, National Honor Society, Teaching Excellence Award,MUSC Health Science Foundation 1998 and 2007; Director, MUSC/Clemson Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation/Moore Center for Orthopedics Clinical Residency; Butch Buchanan Outstanding Clinician Award; South Carolina Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association 
Advice to current or prospective students: Make the most of every opportunity that is given to you. It is the culmination of what we think of as “little things”, that makes the difference and enriches our lives. Everything we strive to do, deserves our best effort.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The Athletic Training Program and the people involved with it (John Spiker and Sam Kegerreis at the time) at WVU set the pattern for my professional and personal life. While being tremendous role models, they also created opportunities for me that would never have happened if not for the program. I try to take that with me everyday in my dealings with patients, students, faculty, and others. Create opportunities and help people to be successful. My time at WVU gave me a work ethic and was very formative, along with being fun! I met people that I still stay in touch with today.

Alexis Murphy, ATC, NREMT-B

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2004, BS
E-mail:  alexismurphy1@gmail.com
Address: 2883B Acton Rd, Birmingham, AL 35243
Current position: Clinical and Surgical Coordinator, Dr. Benton Emblom, Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, Birmingham, AL
Advice to current or prospective students: If you love it, stick with….it’s worth all the time and effort you will put in if it’s your passion!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? My years at WVU are some of the greatest years of my life and a time I will never forget. We worked hard, played hard and formed everlasting friendships. The program prepared me for the real world better than any other program I’ve seen and the staff of the AT program are fantastic. Everywhere you go you meet other Mountaineers and form instant connections because of the pride associated with having been part of such a great institution!

Colin Myers, M.Ed., ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2006, BS
E-mail:  colin.myers@braves.com Office: 800-688-3094 ext.60188, Cell: 304-962-3516
Address: Turner Field 755 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta, GA 30315
Current position: Atlanta Braves – Minor League Athletic Trainer, (Danville Braves)
Other professional highlights: 2005 Houston Texans (NFL) summer internship
Advice to current or prospective students: Treasure the staff and your classmates, because they are people you learn to love and trust. Make the most of all your experiences and opportunities bestowed upon you. Learn to accept constructive criticism, because it makes you a better person as well an Athletic Trainer.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I am truly thankful for the clinical education and leadership skills I received at WVU. I am certain that no other staffs in the country have the devotion and caring attitudes towards their students and colleagues. I am very proud to be part of the WVU Athletic Training family. WVU is truly a place I call home, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Mark Parsons, MA, ATC/L

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1987, BS
E-mail:  mkparsons@bellsouth.net
Address: 913 Thunder Gulch Way, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37128; (615) 605-4466 – work; (615) 896-5849 – home
Current position: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative – Transdermal Pain Cream, Nashville, Tennessee
Other professional highlights: 1989 MA – University of Louisville; 1998 US Olympic Training Center – Internship; 1996 Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games – Certified Athletic Trainer; 1986 Indianapolis Colts – Internship; 2002 National Athletic Trainers Association – Athletic Trainer Service Award; 1994 Tennessee Athletic Trainers Society – Joe Worden Clinical/Professional Athletic Trainer of of the Year
Advice to current or prospective students: Take full advantage of the Athletic Training Curriculum at West Virginia University. Once you are practicing upon graduation, you will truly appreciate the education and training that you received.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The Athletic Training Curriculum at West Virginia University not only prepared me for a career, it also left me with memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

Kelly Quinlin, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2003, MS
E-mail:  kellyq@nwmissouri.edu
Address: Northwest Missouri State University, 800 University Drive LAC 45, Maryville , MO 64468
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer- Men’s Basketball; Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville , MO
Other professional highlights: Internship at Disney’s Wide World of Sports; NATA Home Study Reviewer; BOC Examiner/Model; 2008 NATA Above and Beyond Award Recipient
Advice to current or prospective students: WVU is a top program in the nation and you will realize that when you meet the people who have come out of the program. I am amazed at the leaders and mentors who have helped this profession grow. My best advice is to work hard always because it will pay off and if your gift is to serve others, serve them well.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU provided me with opportunities and experiences I will never forget. The people involved with the program are truly a family and are always willing to help in any way they can. When I left Morgantown , I felt like I could tackle whatever came next in my future as an athletic trainer.

Joni Roh Athletic Training Alumni photo

Joni L. Cramer Roh, EdD, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: BS, EdD (Sports Psychology)
E-mail:   roh@calu.edu
Address: 300 Wagner Road , Morgantown , WV 26501
Current position: Professor; California University of Pennsylvania
Other professional highlights: Kappa Omicron Nu, Honor Society for Human Sciences President. Committee Member of the NATA PPEC; peer-reviewer for the Journal of Athletic Training and Journal of Sport Rehabilitation.  http://www.calu.edu/academics/faculty/Joni-Roh.aspx
Advice to current or prospective students: Advice to undergraduates: absorb and learn as much information as you can, always use your initiative and jump in without being asked to do something; be prepared for any challenge. Advice for graduates: you are now a professional and many see you as such, so walk in each day and ask yourself—what can I learn or learn better today, what can I teach or teach better today, and in this situation is this what a professional would say, wear, or do?
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? ATEP felt like a true family to me. I had mentors that were truly concerned with me as a professional and my future. Although Randy is the only staff remaining since my career, I still feel like family when I visit or email. He still picks on me as usual.

Drew Shea, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1987, BS; 1998, MS
E-mail:  dshea@mtsu.edu
Address: 2618 Mission Ridge Dr., Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Current position: Athletic Trainer Men’s Basketball Middle Tennessee State University
Other professional highlights: 1992 – worked with the Frankfurt Galaxy of the NFL Europe; 1998-2005 – Senior Associate Athletic Trainer LSU Men’s Basketball.
Advice to current or prospective students: Be assertive. Gain a better perspective or understanding of what is involved in the profession prior to choosing Athletic Training as a career. Take initiative to learn as much as possible
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? No program that I’ve been associated with will prepare you for Athletic Training like WVU.

Crystal Shirk, MS, ATC

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2004 MS, Athletic Training
E-mail:  clshirk@sesportsmed.com
Address: 707 N Cherokee Avenue, Black Mountain, NC 28711
Current position: Southeastern Sports Medicine- Orthopedic Clinic in Asheville, NC and outreach to Charles D Owen High School in Black Mountain, NC
Other professional highlights: Published in the JAT in 2006.
Advice to current or prospective students: Look to better yourself and the profession. Get involved where you can locally and always find ways to positively uphold our profession to the public Educate. Love what you do. Keep an open mind to educate yourself in all facets. Always look to better yourself in every job you choose. You can always learn something new.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I loved this program- I made great friends that are fellow ATCs, and had wonderful professors. I came away from it with pride that I graduated from an excellent program. I learned quite a bit and feel it made quite an impact on my skills and abilities still today.

Casey Smith, MS, ATC/L, PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1994, MS
E-mail:  casey.smith@dallasmavs.com
Address: 2500 Victory Ave., Dallas , TX 75219
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Mavericks
Other professional highlights: ATC Men’s Basketball 1993 Pan Am Games; ATC Boxing 1994 Olympics Athens , Greece; Athletic Trainer USA Senior Men’s Basketball, Present-2008
Advice to current or prospective students: Make sure that you make every environment a learning environment. There is not a job situation that can’t teach you something that may be beneficial to you in the future. Always treat those around you the way you expect to be treated.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The professional and personal relationships I made during my time at WVU have continued to mold me in the professional sense. Finding a group of people that are committed to their profession, yet provide an enjoyable environment to learn and grow, is easier said than done, yet that is what the staff at WVU has been doing for years.

Mickey Sobeski portrait

Mickey Sobeski, ATC, Ed.D.

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1984, BS
E-mail:  sobeskma@spart6.org
Address: 769 Gatewood Drive Roebuck, SC 29376
Academic accomplishments: MS University of Arizona-1985, EdD Northcentral University-2015
Current position: Athletic Trainer Dorman High School, Roebuck, South Carolina
Other professional highlights: 20, 25 and 30 year Service Awards, State of South Carolina; South Carolina High School Athletic Trainer of the year 2014.
Advice to current or prospective students: Listen to and accept the help of those who genuinely want to see you succeed. Work hard and don’t whine about it. Don’t be afraid to go!
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? At WVU, through the athletic training program, I learned to be a part of a family outside of my nuclear family. The friends and mentors I met at WVU became like family members that I would love and learn from my entire life.

Kyle Southall, MS, ATC, PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2012, MS
E-mail:  southall34@hotmail.com
Address: 1208 Greensboro Road, Birmingham, AL 35254
Current position: Head Athletic Trainer, Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL
Other professional highlights: 2014-2015 Birmingham-Southern College President’s Service Award Recipient; Won 3rd conference baseball title in the past 4 seasons in 2015; Became Director or Rehabilitation for BSC in the summer of 2014
Advice to current or prospective students: Enjoy your time working with athletes, coaches and other staff members. If your job is your hobby you never work a day in your life. Make every experience, whether positive or negative a learning experience. 
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The athletic training program at WVU was very important to me. I gained so much clinical knowledge and experience from the faculty and staff there. WVU has been great networking, everywhere I go there is either someone from WVU athletic training or knows someone from WVU athletic training.

Wanda (Graham) Swiger

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: BS: ‘93, Ed.D: ‘05
E-mail:  wswiger@keene.edu
Current position: Athletic Training Program Coordinator, Keene State College, Keene, NH
Other professional highlights: heading to Taiwan with Barry Deuel for the Deaflympics in August 2009; political activity including Hit the Hill and NH Legislative Committee for third party reimbursement in NH; presentation Fall 2008 Plus Time NH Annual Conference for Afterschool Programs “Assessing your indoor and outdoor play areas -Ideas for developing an Emergency Action Plan” 
Advice to current or prospective students: value reading – engage your instructors – take responsibility for your own learning – take advantage of the quality education that WVU has to offer You get what you put into it
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The program was and is my foundation – athletic training is no just my profession – it is who I am – that attitude permeated the program from Spike, to Randy, to others that have left – to other classmates that are still dear to me because they were my role models

Sarah (Bartko) Sydor, ATC/L, MS.Ed, PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2000, BS
E-mail:  sarah_a_sydor@yahoo.com
Current position: Athletic Trainer, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH
Advice to current or prospective students: Stay in touch and don’t stop working to create balance personally and professionally.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? It was a great place to go to school and it provided me with a realistic expectation of the field of athletic training. I’m glad to be associated with such a place and alumni group.

Marcell Valentine, MS, ATC-L, PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: BS 2004
Professional Credentials: MS 2010, PES 2010
E-mail:  Mcvalent4@aol.com
Address: (work)Brandon Orthopedic Associates, 721 W Robertson St. Brandon, FL 33511
Current position: Athletic Trainer for Florida Bracing Centers @ Brandon Orthopedics Associates in Tampa, FL.
Other professional highlights: Prior to Florida bracing Centers, I completed three years with the Baltimore Orioles Minor league system as an Assistant Athletic Trainer and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach In addition I completed a Seasonal internship with the New York Jets in 2008-2009.
Advice to current or prospective students: My advice would be to take advantage of every opportunity you have over the summer or winter to work internships, camps, or volunteer at local high schools as this will build on your experience and will help you decide what you want to do when you graduate. In addition, try to learn something new everyday to help expand you knowledge and prepare yourself for on field situations. You may have uncertainties now but as you get closer to graduation everything will fall into place and you will have already been prepared for your future career as an Athletic Trainer. 
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? My time and experience at WVU ATCprogram allowed me to gain confidence not only in my skills but also in myself. At the beginning of the program I did not know what I was going to do following graduation but as I gained more experience I became more confident and knew that no matter where I went; I was going to be successful. I am truly grateful for all the instructors I had during my time at WVU as they each had an impact on my life as they prepared me for a career as an Athletic trainer.

Brian Vaught, MS, ATC, NASM-PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: MS, 2004
Professional Credentials: NASM-PES, Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid & CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer Instructor Certified, USA Hockey Level 3 Certified Coach
E-mail:  bvaught@stpaulsschool.org
Address: (work) 11152 Falls Road Dept. of Athletics Brooklandville, MD 21022
Current position: Assistant Athletic Trainer/Health & PE Teacher/Ice Hockey Coach at St. Paul’s School for Boys.
Other professional highlights: Seasonal Assistant ATC with Baltimore Ravens 04-05; Summer Intern ATC with New York Jets 2002
Advice to current or prospective students: Work hard and meet as many people in not only our profession but associated professions…you never know when you will run into them again! That first impression could be the difference when applying for a job.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? The Graduate Program was good but the GA experience was incredible! WVU and HealthWorks prepare you for your next position…regardless of the setting. Not to mention the WVU Athletic Training network spans across the country…it is an invaluable resource!

Matt Wallace, MS, ATC, LAT, PES

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 2005, MS (2 year GA with Athletics in the Shell)
E-mail:  ssuwallace@yahoo.com
Address: 3667 Liermann Ave. St. Louis, MO 63116 
Current position: Assistant Athletic Trainer – Men’s Soccer, Baseball; Creighton University, Omaha, NE
Other professional highlights: Assistant Medical Coordinator for the NCAA Division 1 College World Series
Advice to current or prospective students: Don’t lose faith during the tough times! Keep working hard, draw strength from your instructors, fellow students, and from yourself in the reasons why you chose and love athletic training. The future is bright for the professions, the work environments diverse, and the opportunities many, especially coming from an such an esteemed program.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU was a huge turning point in my professional career. Working with the athletics teams and students as a GA I Iearned a vast amount of things without realizing it in my 2 year tenure. Working under Kevin Kotsko was the best experience of my life and I owe so much to him for his ability to give me autonomy yet guide me and teach me at the same time. Most of all WVU was a sense of community in sports medicine where thoughts and ideas were shared and colleagues and student athletic trainers became lasting friends!

Omar Wang athletic training alumni photo

Omar Wang

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1999, MS
E-mail:    omar.wang@wellspring.com
Address:   350 N. LaSalle Street, 12th Floor, Chicage, IL 60654
Current position: Senior Data Analyst/Project Manager at Wellspring Worldwide
Other professional highlights: Director of Sports Medicine at the University of Detroit Mercy (2002-2006). Assistant Athletic Trainer at Mercer University (2000-2002). Assistant Athletic Trainer at Florida Atlantic University (1999-2000). It is okay to make mistakes in the athletic training profession.  
Advice to current or prospective students: Sometimes, the most valuable lessons and breakthroughs come at the most unpleasant of moments.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? I will always be grateful for the WVU Athletic Training staff and students for making me see and realize what it means to love your job. To this day, I have yet to encounter a group of individuals (Both Students and Faculty) who truly love what they do as a profession and truly love the place they work and live. To be truly great at something, you have to love what you do. No matter what profession you decide to pursue, if you don't have that passion for the work that you do, you won't find personal and professional success. After I graduated from WVU, subconsciously, I felt that I had to eventually leave the athletic training profession because I didn't love or embrace the job. 

Kyle Wilson, M.Ed., ATC, LAT

Year Graduated from WVU & Degree: 1982, BS in Secondary Education
E-mail:  kyle.wilson@unlv.edu
Address: 8161 Tone Street Las Vegas, NV 89123 
Current position: Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Medicine-UNLV
Other professional highlights: District 8-Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer 2012; NATA-Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer 2012; President-Mountain West Conference Team Physicians and Athletic Trainers Society 2011-2014; President-Nevada Athletic Trainers Association 1994-98.
Advice to current or prospective students: Volunteer for as many things as you can. You never know what you will learn or whom you will meet.
What does WVU athletic training mean to you? WVU Athletic Training gave me the knowledge and the experience to be able to work for over 30 years in college athletics as an athletic trainer. I cried during the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the WVU ATEP when we sang Country Roads on Mountaineer Field. Go Mountaineers.