Full-time, 1-year on-campus

For professionals interested in completing the MS in PETE program in an accelerated format, there is a full-time option that involves completing coursework on-campus in a one-year timeframe (summer, fall, spring, summer). This program results in a master’s degree in Physical Education. Those interested are eligible to apply for on-campus graduate teaching assistantships while completing their coursework.

Plan of Study

The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Master of Science degree is designed for certified teachers who work full-time but it can be completed in an abbreviated timeline for graduate students interested studying full-time on campus. The plan of study is aligned with the SHAPE America Advanced Teaching Standards in Physical Education. The goal of the program is to develop advanced teacher candidates in three important areas: Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice, and Professional Leadership. Students are admitted once a year, so they complete the program with their cohort or community of learners. Program highlights include: 

  • The thirty credit hour program includes a balance of online and on-campus courses (taken during the spring and fall semesters) and blended courses which consist of a combination of online and two full weeks on campus (including the Saturday/Sunday between both weeks).
  • Students are introduced to new forms of physical activities that can be immediately incorporated into one's curriculum through one-credit hour special topics course during the summer on the weekend between the weeks on campus.
  • Practical application of research-based and developmentally appropriate teaching practices are emphasized through a variety of assignments embedded within fall and spring online courses and through a one credit hour advanced labs in the fall or spring semester following the summer courses.

Normal completion time is two years (summer - fall - spring - summer - fall - spring) for the MS in PETE program. Graduate students who are interested in studying on-campus full-time can complete the plan of study in one year (summer - fall - spring - summer). No more than twelve graduate hours may be taken toward the master's degree as a non-degree seeking graduate student. The program has been approved as a part of Southern Regional Electronic College and therefore will be offered at IN-STATE TUITION for all participants. Graduate teaching assistantships are available for qualified students. 

NOTE: This is not a licensure program and will not provide initial teaching certification in physical education. The program is designed for certified physical educators who are seeking professional development and career advancement. Some states and school districts may provide an endorsement for certified teachers upon completion of the program and after passing content area exams such as the PRAXIS II. However, it is YOUR responsibility to investigate this option before entering the program.