Sport Communication

Students in colleges and units outside of the Reed College of Media may earn a minor in Sport Communication during summer sessions by completing the following course and meeting the requirements as stated below.

The minor consists of 18 hours, nine of which come from the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and nine of which come from the College of Media. The 200-level courses in the minor may be taken any semester they are offered. The 300-level and above courses must be taken during summer sessions.

Students pursuing two minors may not “double-dip,” or take a single course to fulfill requirements in more than one minor (with the exception of SEP 271 which may be taken to count for minors in both Sport and Exercise Psychology and Sport Communication). Furthermore, no lower-level courses will be accepted as substitutes for upper-level courses. Students must average a 2.0 or better in all minor courses

A grade of C or higher and an average a 2.0 or better must be earned in all minor courses.



  • JRL 361 Media Relations In Sport (Prerequisites: ADV 201, ADV 215 or PR 215; Offered online in fall or summer sessions.)
  • SEP 271 Sport in American Society

Choose one of the following

  • ADV 201 Advertising and Society
  • ADV 215 Principles of Advertising
  • PR 215 Introduction to Public Relations

Choose one of the following

  • JRL 412 Sport Journalism
  • Integrated Marketing Communications for Sport

Choose two of the following

  • SM 426 Liability in Sport (Section offered spring and summer only)
  • SM 485 Sport Management (Only offer in summer for minors)
  • SM 486 Sport Marketing (Only offered in summer for minors)

Total Hours: 18


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