1. Must I complete an internship to receive the degree?

The 6-hour internship is required for all graduate Sport Management students. Internships are developed and evaluated based on the following criteria: 1) the graduate student intern receives some compensation (monthly stipend, hourly wage, travel expenses, room and board) for the duration of the internship, and 2) there is a “reasonable” (better than 50-50) chance that the graduate student intern will be employed full-time at the conclusion of the internship.

2. How long does the internship typically last?

The typical internship lasts 6-9 months. However, some internships are as long as 10-12 months, especially intercollegiate athletic internships.

3. How many credits is the internship?

The internship is 6 credit-hour experience. It is usually an off-campus field experience for a minimum period of 15 weeks. The graduate student is expected to work on-site at a host organization a minimum of 40 hours per week. Each internship must be accompanied by a three-party signed contract among the host, the graduate student, and the Sport Management faculty. In addition, a graduate student is evaluated three times by their supervisor during their internship. These evaluations form the basis, along with the internship notebook, for the intern’s final grade.

4. Can I do my internship anywhere?

The internship can be done almost anywhere, including internationally, if it is sport-related and meets the duration requirements.

5. Will I need to complete a project to earn my internship credits?

An internship “project” is required as part of the experience. The project consists of a three-ring notebook that serves as a “cookbook” of one’s internship experience. The binder should consist of a table of contents and tabbed with sections to demonstrate the various parts of the internship. Each section should also contain a brief, typed explanation of the area the intern worked. The graduate student intern should collect and place into the notebook all materials one deals with in the course of fulfilling their daily internship responsibilities.