Clinical Reliability Studies

  • Reliability of position and mobility of the first ray in experienced and inexperienced examiners. – Shirk C.
  • Reliability of Sacroiliac Joint Tests in Experienced and Inexperienced Examiners – Lueck D, Turner T

Clinical Prophylactic Ankle Brace Studies

  • The effects of prophylactic ankle bracing over the course of an entire volleyball season on dynamic postural control. – Spencer B.
  • The effects of prolonged prophylactic ankle brace use in high school basketball athletes on dynamic postural control. – Crockett N.

Development of Screening Tools, Rehabilitation Protocol

  • The development of a rotator cuff evaluation tool for the throwing athlete. – Pryor D.
  • The development of a clinical preventative screening tool for the lower quarter. – Perez B.
  • Development of a soccer-specific functional rehabilitation using the modified Delphi technique. – Leslie S.
  • Development of an orthopedic pre-participation screening for rowers. – Lowery TN.

Joint Position Sense and Dynamic Postural Control

  • The effect of fatigue in the lower extremity on joint position sense. – Huston J.
  • The effect of fatigue on inversion and eversion joint position sense in the ankle. – Kent T.
  • The effects of activity related fatigue on dynamic postural control as measured by the SEBT. – Kulpa T.

Clinical Outcomes Based Studies

  • The changes in pitching mechanics and pitch velocity during a seven-inning simulated game in high school baseball pitchers: a prospective descriptive study. – Erkel J. 
  • The effects of a six-week open kinetic chain/closed kinetic chain and open kinetic chain/close kinetic chain/core stability strengthening program in baseball. – Lust K.
  • The effects of a six-week core stabilization training program on dynamic balance in tennis athletes. – Samson K.
  • The comparative effects of four-week core stabilization and balance training program on semi dynamic and dynamic balance. – Piegarro A.
  • The comparative effects of a 6 week balance training program, hip abductor strengthening program and combined balance-training/hip abductor strengthening program on dynamic postural control and gluteus medius strength. – Leavey V.
  • The effects of wrist proprioception exercises on joint stability during a forward fall. – Hatches P.

Systematic Reviews

  • Hamstring rehabilitation. – Siegel L.
  • Treatment techniques for edema reduction during the acute inflammatory cycle. – Graham AD.
  • Non-surgical epicondylitis rehabilitation. – Stickney D.
  • Diagnostic accuracy of SIJ tests. – Holliday K.

Psychology of Sport Injury

  • Perceived social support systems during athletic injury recovery in collegiate club sports athletes. – Loutsch J.
  • An Investigation of Trait Aggression: It’s relationship with Reported Injuries and Moral Disengagement. – Martinez J