Research opportunity

Through collaboration with Dr. Josh Hagen, director of the WVU Human Performance Innovation Center at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, WVU Athletics and WVU CPASS, we are offering an exciting new PhD opportunity to work in an applied sport science research setting. The student will pursue their PhD through WVU CPASS in the Department of Coaching and Teaching Studies while working directly with Dr. Hagen, helping to carry out performance science initiatives. This will provide a unique sport science experience in the areas of performance (e.g. athlete monitoring) and recovery science. Some data collection and data assessment examples include: 1) daily wellness monitoring, 2) heart rate variability, 3) neuromuscular assessment via force plate testing, and 4) internal and external load monitoring via wearable technology. This experience will allow a developing practitioner/scientist to better understand various sport science technologies, gain knowledge in appropriate methods and statistical tools and affords the opportunity of working in a competitive training/performance environment. Additionally, the chance to work with various recovery modalities exists, with a primary goal of better understanding prescriptive recovery. 

The field of sport science is rapidly growing and evolving and, thus, comprehensive preparation requires both classroom, lab and “on the field” training. This unique doctoral opportunity accommodates these three important areas in offering courses and mentorship with renown faculty, a world class performance/recovery laboratory and the opportunity to work with high level D1 “power 5” collegiate athletes. Coursework can be sculpted based on specific studies and PhD advisor goals to include classes both within and outside of CPASS. Additionally, there are opportunities to work with elite military personnel and experts in the field of sport analytics.