Spring Admission Requirements

Spring Semester Applications

This application cycle is for students who are Freshmen or beyond.

  • A minimum combination of 30 credit hours of required “Pre-Requisite Courses”, general education foundation or approved elective classes must be completed before application is made to the program.
  • Notification of admission or denial will be made upon the receipt of spring semester grades. 
  • Students accepted to the program through this application cycle may begin taking SM coursework during the summer and fall semesters of the following academic year. However, they will not be allowed to register for major courses during the fall semester of the following year until after they have officially received their notice of admission, and their major code has been changed in degree works. This means that they will register for non-major courses at the time of registration, but will be allowed to modify their schedule to include available major classes upon admission into the program.
  • Applicants who meet or exceed the admission criteria are NOT guaranteed admission into the program. Admission is competitive.
  • Minimum Admission Criteria:
    1. Overall GPA is greater than or equal to 2.50 ( cutoff GPAs are usually higher than 2.5);
    2. Successful completion of 15 credit hours of pre-requisite courses (listed below);
    3. Successful completion of a minimum of 15 additional hours of general education foundation, or approved elective courses (A total of 30 completed credit hours).
  • Application deadline date – March 1st each year
  • Pre-requisite courses

    All of the following courses
    3 hr
    | SM 167 (grade of “B” or better)
    3 hr | ENGL 101 (grade of “C” or better)
    3 hr | ECON 201 or BUSA 202 (grade of “C” or better)
    9 Credits

    6 credits much be completed from the following 3 courses
    3 hr
    | COMM 100 and 102, OR 104 (grade of “C” or better)
    3 hr | Math Requirement MATH 121/126 (grade of “C” or better)
    3 hr | JRL 101 (grade of “C” or better)
    6 Credits

    Total 15 hr