Clinical Hours and Relief

Clinical Hours and Relief “Days Off” Policy

Athletic training students are often expected to be present for various clinical rotations that occur prior to, or beyond the normal workday, or during the weekends.  These clinical rotations are essential in assisting the student in mastering their educational competencies and proficiencies and truly understanding the commitment of a certified athletic trainer (ATC).

Students are expected to complete an average of 25 supervised hours/week of clinical experience under the direct supervision of their Preceptor during their practicum courses (ATTR 281, 282, 301, 302, 403, and 404). Athletic training students must complete a minimum of 95 hours under the direct supervision of their preceptor each semester, with a maximum of 700 hours of clinical experience in a given semester. Clinical experiences may be scheduled prior to the start of an academic semester, following the completion of an academic semester, and/or during holiday breaks. Clinical experiences that extend beyond the academic semester will be evaluated and added to the previous semester practicum grade. Preseason evaluation grades will be incorporated into the midterm evaluation and post semester evaluation grades will result in an grade of incomplete until the clinical experience ends and then a grade modification will be entered that includes these post-semester evaluation grades.  Students are expected to complete the clinical experience as assigned by the Clinical Education Coordinator (CEC) and the clinical experience hours as assigned by their Preceptor. Deviations from the assigned weekly schedule must be approved by the preceptor, while any absence from an assigned experience must be approved by the Ppreceptor and Program Director or Clinical Education Coordinator. Athletic training students that request additional clinical experience will be assigned and evaluated during the appropriate practicum course as an additional grade (pre-semester: midterm grade, post-semester: incomplete – grade modification).

Preceptors schedule the clinical experience hours each week and must give the athletic training students ONE day off per week. Weekly schedules may vary throughout the season (one week may have more hours than another due to travel schedules, etc.), but students must have a minimum of one day off in a 7 day period. Should students need additional time for exams, papers, or projects, they should make arrangements with their clinical preceptor.  However, students shouldplease plan ahead several days in advance to allow theiryour preceptor the opportunity to provide for adequate scheduling and coverage.

Students are not allowed to exceed 35 hours in a week over 2 consecutive weeks during the academic year without express written permission from the AT Program Director. Further, students are to refrain from engaging in clinical experiences when they are ill (Communicable Disease Policy).

Clinically supervised time is recorded by the student and verified by the Preceptor in ATrack. The assigned instructor of the associated practicum course, CEC, and PD will monitor hours periodically throughout the semester. Students who do not complete the minimum 95 hours cannot pass the Practicum course associated with their clinical experiences for that semester.