Prospective Athletic Training Student Program

Enrolling in ATTR 101 places you directly into the PATS program. Students are required to become involved with the PATS program as part of the application process. The PATS program is designed to provide the aspiring athletic training student with the opportunity to complete observational experiences within intercollegiate athletic training facilities. Along with clinical experiences, ATTR 101 is also designed to provide instruction on the introductory principles of athletic training.

Official applications are due in March and a detailed selection process will ensue. Listed below are the pre-requisite classes and other criteria for admission into the Athletic Training program:

Program Requirements:

  • Candidates must possess a cumulative GPA of 2.75 to apply to the Athletic Training program.
  • Candidates must complete 75 hours of observation within the WVU athletic training rooms.
  • The application process will occur in March and April. Decisions will not be made until grades are in from the spring semester as to who is accepted/rejected into the program.
  • All transfer students must complete the PATS program (ATTR 101) and ATTR 121and 122 before making formal application to the program. Students transferring from a WVU campus (i.e. Potomac State, etc.) must also complete ATTR 101, 121, and 122 at the WVU Morgantown campus.

Prospective athletic training students have only two opportunities to apply to the program. If not accepted after two application processes, students must switch to an alternative major.

Application process includes:

  • Application to the program
  • Interview with the Athletic Training faculty, staff, and graduate assistant
  • Academic requirements
  • Outside experiences
  • Reference evaluation forms
  • WVU prospective athletic training student evaluation
  • Written research project

Pre-requisite classes to the athletic training program:

  • ENGL 101 Composition and Rhetoric I (grade of “C” or better)
  • BIOL 101 & 103 General Biology I and lab (grade of “C” or better)
  • BIOL 102 & 104 General Biology II and lab (grade of “C” or better)
  • ATTR 121 Sport Injury Control & Management (grade of “B” or better)
  • ATTR 122 Sport Injury Control & Management lab (grade of “B” or better)
  • ATTR 101 Prospective Athletic Training (grade of "B" or better)

Example First Year Schedule

First Semester Hours Second Semester Hours
ENGL 101 Composition and Rhetoric I 3 ATTR 121 Sport Injury Control & Management 3
BIOL 101 General Biology 3 ATTR 122 Sport Injury Control & Mgmt Lab 1
BIOL 103 General Biology Lab 1 BIOL 102 General Biology 3
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3 BIOL 104 General Biology Lab 1
WVUE 191 First Year Seminar 1 HNF 171 Introduction to Human Nutrition 3
MATH 112 and MATH 122  or MATH 124 Algebra with Applications  or MATH 128 Plane Trigonometry * 3 GEF # 5 requirement
ATTR 101 Prospective Athletic Training 1

  15   14
Dependent upon MATH placement exam scores