Exposure Requirements

Clinical Education Exposure Requirements

Clinical settings are clinical environments where health care services are provided. The clinical setting shall include the athletic training facility, athletic practices, and competitive events. Students must complete clinical experiences in these settings for a minimum of one of the two academic years of clinical education under the supervision of a BOC certified athletic trainer. The athletic training facility is considered to be a designated physical facility located within the sponsoring institution or within an acceptable affiliated clinical setting in which comprehensive athletic health care services are provided. Comprehensive health care services include practice and game preparation, injury/illness evaluation, first aid and emergency care, follow-up care, rehabilitation, and related services. Additional clinical settings may be utilized and may include sports medicine clinics, physical therapy sites, and/or rehabilitation clinics, college or university health centers, hospital emergency rooms, physician’s offices, or other appropriate health care settings. The student must be supervised by an appropriate clinical preceptor in these settings.