The Planning Process

The development of the CPASS strategic plan was truly a cooperative and comprehensive process involving administration, faculty, staff, alumni, and an independent external evaluator. The process began in the spring 2015 term with faculty discussing and providing input on revised mission, vision, and values statements.

In May 2015, a college-wide strategic planning retreat was held that included all faculty, administration, and a representative of the visiting committee. This retreat was facilitated by the Assistant Dean, Dr. James C. Hannon. Prior to the retreat the administrative team developed faculty work groups centered on the five goal areas within the WVU institutional strategic plan (Research, Education, Service, Diversity, and Internationalization) and an additional sixth wild-card group to discuss other potential areas of focus and/or concerns/issues for the college moving forward. The retreat began with a presentation from Dean Brooks that included the present state of the college and institutional priorities. Assistant Dean Hannon then made a presentation on the strategic planning process, priorities for the retreat, and affirmed the newly crafted Mission, Vision, and Values with additional faculty input. Faculty then broke into small work group sessions with the charge to craft goals, objectives, and action items. The day ended with faculty reconvening to a large group session with each work group presenting what they had developed throughout the day.

In the summer of 2015, the administrative team met on several occasions, including a mini-retreat to refine the plan and discuss priority areas. The revised plan was then redistributed to the faculty, and work groups reconvened for a half-day retreat in August 2015 to provide additional input and edits. In early September 2015, the plan was sent to various members of the CPASS staff and visiting committee to review and provide input. Upon receiving this input the administrative team met once again to further refine the plan.

In late September 2015, the plan was sent to a nationally board certified expert on strategic planning, with no affiliation to CPASS or WVU for review. In October 2015 the administrative team made final minor adjustments to the plan based on the expert review.