Goal 4

Advance international opportunities within CPASS.

Objective 1

Develop a formal college-wide structure to help support and promote faculty and student engagement in the international mission of CPASS.

Action items

  • Create incentives to reward faculty advancement of CPASS’s international mission (i.e. Travel funds, Faculty Workload Plan Recognition, Award recognition)
  • Fully integrate the International Center for Performance Excellence (ICPE) into the international mission of CPASS
    • Lead in establishing a CPASS international club to promote and organize events
    • Identify resources for creation of a scholarship for study abroad
    • ICPE will provide administrative support for international initiatives
    • ICPE will develop and administer annual recognition for faculty (and students) who engage in outstanding contributions to CPASS’s international mission.
Objective 2

Offer at least one internationalization experience per year within CPASS programs.

Action items

  • Inventory available G classes and faculty teaching these courses
  • Initiate the development of appropriate classes within CPASS that will have a G-designation
  • Offer a variety of study abroad experience for CPASS students
  • Host a fall international physical activity & sport day hosted by CPASS in conjunction with WVU Diversity Week
Objective 3

Seek at least one college-wide external funding proposal from international sources for each international experience.

Action items

  • Identify and target international funding and program opportunities (i.e. State Department Grants (Sport Diplomacy Grant); “Aspire” sport academy in Qatar)
  • Promote multidisciplinary collaborations among faculty
  • Identify and disseminate information about support systems within CPASS and WVU for these international teams (i.e. OIP, Research & Grants Committee, Grants/Contracts Officer, WVU faculty and graduate student partners).