Goal 5

Enhance the well-being and quality of life of the people of WV through physical activity and sport related programming.

Objective 1

Increase the reach of health enhancing programs and partnerships facilitated by CPASS personnel serving local and state entities by at least one new program per year.

Action items

  • Establish a baseline and continue tracking total number of programs, and faculty and staff engagement in service programs and partnerships
  • Tie growth of community outreach efforts with strategic research and teaching initiatives (i.e. grants/contracts, publications, service-learning, Lifetime Activities Program programming)
  • Investigate the creation of a Center for Active WV to mobilize and disseminate WV Physical Activity Plan priority areas throughout the state
  • Develop a plan to increase specialized health and wellness services for people with disabilities and disease risk factors
  • Investigate collaboration opportunities with other WVU colleges and programs
Objective 2

Increase CPASS student opportunity for involvement in university, local, state, and national health-enhancing service opportunities by at least one new program per year.

Action items

  • Establish a baseline and track student involvement in service/outreach
  • Define experiences by discipline and vary experiences in fields
  • Identify and disseminate opportunities for student service
  • Utilize CPASS LLC to plan and deliver local service programming
Objective 3

Increase CPASS/University visibility for service efforts by identifying and implementing two strategies for recognizing or increasing visibility.

Action items

  • Establish rewards and recognitions for outstanding faculty, staff and student service
  • Recognize service related presentations and publications via social media and newsletters
  • Disseminate information about CPASS service activities to the public (i.e. local, regional, national, international)
  • Host a CPASS service day each year to showcase faculty/staff/student service involvement