Find out how to get here, where to park and how our building fits into the rest of the Evansdale Campus.

Located next to the WVU Student Recreation Center and rec fields, the new CPASS home is a key part of the overall Evansdale redevelopment project and wellness precinct.

Other Health and Education building neighbors include WVU Student Health and Wellness, WELLWVU and WVU Caruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services.

Parking and transportation tips

WVU Health and Education parking is permit-only space. Visit WVU transportation's online portal forEvansdale parking information to learn more about parking options.

WVU Health and Education building is walking distance from Engineering and Towers PRT stations. Visit WVU transportation's PRT webpageto learn more about the PRT's schedule and station locations.

Commuter students, faculty, staff, and visitors can usually park at the WVU Coliseum for free. Restrictions may exist prior to football and basketball games and other special events. Shuttle service is available from the Coliseum to the Engineering PRT station.

Bike racks are available at the Student Rec Center, next to the Health and Education building.