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College of Physical Activity
and Sport Sciences


Master of Science

Sports Management

MBA-MS in Sport Management Dual Degree

By coordinating the programs of study in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Science in Sport Management (MS) via the dual MBA/MS degree, students will be able to obtain both an MBA and an MS in Sport Management degree in 63 credit hours. Taken independently, these two nationally accredited graduate degrees would normally consist of 84 credit hours. However, by coordinating the programs of study, students can receive both degrees in 21 fewer credit hours.

It is the intent of the dual degree program for selected candidates to pursue both degrees simultaneously, as outlined in the sample program of study presented below. However, students may pursue either degree first and subsequently the second degree or may pursue both degrees simultaneously.

Students seeking to enter the dual degree program must apply separately to each program and be admitted independently to the College of Business and Economics’ Master of Business Administration program and the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences’ Master of Sport Management program. The selection processes will be administered concurrently spring semester and students must satisfy admission requirements of both programs.

2015-2017 Plan of Study

All classes are three credit hours except BADM 571

Year One


  • BADM 527 Macroeconomics
  • BADM 522 Business Research & Statistics


  • BADM 591L Macroeconomics
  • BADM 523 Decision Analysis (OR Marketing Strategy in Spring semester)
  • BADM 524 Financial Accounting
  • BADM 528 Managerial Accounting
  • BADM 512 Business Law
  • BADM 571 Professional Development Practicum


  • BADM 562 International Business
  • BADM 532 Corporate Finance
  • BADM 531 Operations/Supply Chain Management
  • BADM 571 Professional Development Practicum

Year Two


  • BADM 551 Global Planning and Strategy
  • BADM 534 Management Information Systems


  • SM 627 Legal Issues – Sport Administration
  • SM 646 Sport Marketing
  • SM 680 History/Philosophy of Sport
  • SM 691D ADTP: Sport Publicity/Public Relations


  • SM 660 NCAA Compliance/Current Issues
  • SM 670 Sport Finance
  • SM 691 ADTP: Sport Sponsorship & Sales Management
  • SM 635 Sport Management Processes


  • SM 685 Internship – Sport Management

MBA: : 38 credit hours plus 12 hours from Sport Management = 50
Sport Management: 27 credit hours plus 9 hours from MBA = 36 (BADM 522, 562, 523)

  • Mark Mgmt – SM 646 (Sports Marketing)
  • OB – SM 635 (Sport Mgmt Processes)
  • Leadership – SM 670 (Sport Finance)
  • Elective – SM 627 (legal issues)
Graduation in August 2016 with a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Sport Management