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College of Physical Activity
and Sport Sciences

Faculty & Staff Directory

CPASS Faculty 2012

Left to right: Jack Watson, Michelle Sandrey, Vince Stilger, Ryan Flett, Peter Giacobbi, Randy Meador, Dallas Branch, Dan Ziatz, Luisa Velez-Colon, Bob Wiegand, Floyd Jones, Sean Bulger, Cindy Lee, Andy Hawkins, Ed Etzel, Paschal Soita, Damien Clement, Nancy Naternicola, Nathan Kile, Emily Jones, Gonzalo Bravo, Eloise Elliott, Andrea Taliaferro, Sam Zizzi, Mary Wolk, Valerie Wayda, Vanessa Shannon, Shelly Pruett, Kristen Dieffenbach, Dana Brooks

CPASS Faculty

Athletic Coaching Education


  • Handley, Jerry
  • Light, M. Roxann
  • Stewart, Kelly

Athletic Training


  • Arnold, Brittany
  • Butler, Jennifer
  • Corley, Tony
  • Dahmer, Gregory
  • Hetrick, Allison
  • Hile, Amy
  • Kerns, Dave
  • Meador, Randy
  • Worrell, Christopher

Basic Instruction


  • Atrice, Toney
  • Bauer, Darl
  • Byron, Beth
  • Fitzpatrick, Brian
  • Gmeindl, Frank
  • Gross, Gary
  • Handley, Jerry
  • Harshbarger, Colleen
  • Jefferson, Autumn
  • Joseph, Michael
  • Khoury, Michelle
  • Post, Ryan
  • Swimm, Mary

Physical Education Teacher Education


  • Sager, Jack

Sport and Exercise Psychology


Sport Management


  • Alsop, Bill
  • Borman, Matthew
  • Barnett, Andro
  • Caskey, Phill
  • Cox, Brad
  • DeVito, Anna
  • Howes, Terri
  • Wilson, Charles

Faculty and Staff Resources

CPASS Social Justice/Diversity Manual
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