As important as physical training is for an athlete, psychological training and wellness are critical components to their success. Elite sport organizations and athletes use consultants to help with this training. WVU’s doctoral degree in sport and exercise psychology prepares students for this role. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum delivered by highly qualified faculty. 

Students initiate their own line of research and work with faculty to produce publishable manuscripts. With a combination of research and applied aspects of sport and exercise psychology, the program prepares sport psychology consultants, researchers and future faculty members.

Students can be admitted into the SEP doctoral program with either an undergraduate or master’s degrees. Students admitted into the program with a bachelor’s degree will earn master's degrees in both sport and exercise psychology and counseling. Students admitted into the program with a master's degree will earn a second master's degree in counseling. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to sit for the licensed professional counselor examination. 

The program works to further enhance its status as one of the premier training programs in the world. Outside of academic experiences, students teach classes in the undergraduate program, consult with local athletes and conduct research. Students and faculty work together to maintain a positive academic and professional environment to develop strong teachers, consultants and researchers.